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Functions: X-Bionic partial compression. Expansionribs (TM). no seam - no stitching. heat transfer area. neuro response bandage. Active waistband®. neuro response effect. Smart Compression zone
: Technical composition 80% Polyamide 10% Elastane 10% Polypropylene
Increase the performance of thanks to holistic solutions which characterize the X-BIONIC Effektor Power Arms Lime Green Pearl Grey. The X-BIONIC Effektor Technology controls the body temperature. Careful attention to the three-dimensional knit structure guarantee a partially looking compression over bridges. This Neuro response effect offset peripheral nervous cells constantly in action ready. This causes increased muscle reaction. contraction. and coordination are reduced the risk of injury or fatigue. because the Neuronaler pulses between the brain and muscles on a optimum. Expansionrips stay on the Ellen base fold out your additional bubble on the accordion principle and the insulation effect over the bend range. The heat transfer zone between the partial/off Landing Stages can even heat abgeben. the cooling optimised without the insulating effect.
The whole good piece can be such as a one solid body bracket will be seamless completely and is fully adapted for both left and right arm included with the trimmer. X-Bionic